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Markets where we operate

Real Estate

Development activity and investment in complex real estate operations, achieved through autonomous financing and institutional investors, aimed mainly at the office, residential and retail sectors.


Strong specialisation in the design and manufacture of industrial, mechanical, electrical and civil machinery and systems in diversified sectors of activity.


Development, manufacturing and management of high-technology plants dedicated to the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Mission & Vision

Focusing on the individual and respect for their physical and moral integrity

The Group’s mission is to provide the customer with high-quality products, systems and services, operating in partnership with selected suppliers to ensure the development and use of more efficient technology, which is compatible with safety and the environment.

The strategic vision adopted by the parent company, Domo Media - Media Finanziaria, is to hold controlling interests in companies operating in both mature and rapidly growing sectors, with a long-term investment horizon. An industrial Group that, while maintaining deep historical and cultural links with Italy, embraces an international entrepreneurial vision, operating on five continents.

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AQ Energy

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Immobiliare Parco Locatelli

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